Nourish Every Dimension

Integral Lifework
 is about positive transformation.  Imagine a mode of being that nourishes on every level, overcomes past barriers to wholeness, opens up new possibilities and connections in every aspect of life, and empowers the fulfillment of our greatest purpose and potential.  Now imagine this mode of being expanding outward, positively influencing everyone and everything around us in wider and wider circles of inclusion.   In Integral Lifework, you will rapidly develop a customized approach - a personally tailored integral practice - to make all of these possibilities real.

For more details on what Integral Lifework is and how it works, please read the Integral Lifework Overview and consider the Nourishment Assessment as one way to explore your own self-care habits and overall well-being.


About T.Collins Logan

T.Collins Logan, creator of Integral Lifework, has worked in the fields of patient advocacy, health education, counseling and alternative healing arts for over fifteen years.  He is a lifelong student of diverse faith traditions, and incorporates spiritual methods and insight into all of his work.  

A San Diego resident since 2002, T.Collins Logan is an avid hiker, photographer and explorer of new ideas.  He enjoys spending time with loved ones, inventing food dishes, appreciating art, working on home improvement projects, playing music, fiddling with computers and new technologies, keeping up with world events, and spending quality time with Nature.









How Can Integral Lifework Help?


  • Improve and enrich intimate relationships, friendships, family relationships and work relationships

  • Enhance physical healing for acute and chronic illness

  • Expand creative energy and insight

  • Increase clarity in personal goals and life direction

  • Overcome obstacles in spiritual journeys

  • Resolve immediate or longstanding emotional challenges

  • Create healthy, nourishing patterns of interaction with others

  • Promote overall harmony, wholeness and wellness within and without

  • Discover effective, compassionate ways to create positive change in the world

Integral Lifework
flows out of a deep respect and appreciation for all walks of life and all belief systems, and easily adapts to individual strengths and challenges.  Everyone has a wealth of inner power, transcendent knowledge and transformative ability just waiting to spring forth.  All we require to access this amazing self are openness, compassion and a few surprisingly simple tools and techniques.  If we allow the healing and enlightening impulse within to guide us, we can achieve the miraculous in ourselves and in the world around us.

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ILC Publications


    Being Well

   May 2012
   (Trade Paperback & Kindle)

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   Memory : Self 


   August 2010
   (Trade Paperback, Kindle & EPUB Editions)

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    True Love     

   Integral Lifework Theory & Practice
   May 2009
   (Trade Paperback, Kindle & EPUB Editions)

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    Essential Mysticism    
   July 2005
   (Trade Paperback, Kindle & EPUB Editions)

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    Deep Relaxation: One    

   Meditation Training Audio CD
   June 2006      




    The Vital Mystic     
   November 2003
   (Trade Paperback Edition)

   Barnes & Noble










T.Collins Logan provides consulting, individual coaching, couples coaching and group training in the personal practice of Integral Lifework.  He is also available for lectures and workshops on Integral Lifework for organizations, educational institutions and professional groups.  Please contact him today to discuss how this revolutionary approach can help every individual cultivate their fullest potential and manifest positive transformation in the world.







Donations Model

In keeping with the values of Integral Lifework, all coaching and training is provided on a donation basis.  Clients determine what they are able to give according to how they value their Integral Lifework experience and the resources available to them.  In addition, twenty-five percent of every donation is passed through to one or more of the non-profits listed on the Constructive Organizations page.  Please visit the Donations page for more details.



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